Organize a Group

Thank you for your interest in organizing a group trip with Journey Quest. We love serving groups of all types and offer great group rate discounts. Every group trip is customized to meet your needs and maximize the ministry potential of your trip. We want your experience as a group coordinator to be as fun and hassle-free as possible so you can enjoy your time with us and not have to manage a lot of details while you’re here.

Single-Day Rafting Trips: Our Whitewater Rafting Adventures are perfect for church groups, schools, scout troops, family reunions, corporate groups, and more. By organizing a group you’ll enjoy getting your students, friends, co-workers, and family together for an exciting day on the river. We offer special group rates for groups of 15 or more.

Multi-Day Trips: Our Multi-Day Trips are perfect for youth groups, scout troops, and ministry groups with as few as 5 participants. Every trip is customized to fit your needs and maximize the ministry potential of the trip and your student’s enjoyment of their time together.

How to Coordinate a Group:

  • Contact us (preferably by phone at 719-276-2227) to check availability, get your questions answered, and to book your trip
  • Publicize your trip with your group by personally inviting them, sharing messages on social media sites, printing posters or flyers, etc. You can find downloadable videos, posters, and logos on our media page.
  • Make sure everyone who is coming has completed the appropriate Release Form and has received a copy of the what-to-bring list. If you are bringing minors, be sure their parents sign their release!
  • Communicate with us in the weeks leading up to your trip to keep us updated on group numbers or of any special needs.
  • Please make every effort to arrive on time, have payment taken care of according to your agreement and have all the release forms collected. These things help us get your group on the river as quickly as possible.

We value you as a leader. We understand that you know your group better than we do and we want our trip to fit into the overall plans for your group. Our desire is to work with you to plan your trip. We will contact you beforehand to discuss spiritual content, trip details, and how we can best be praying for your group. We welcome your involvement but also want to give you a chance to relax and enjoy the time with your group. Some leaders prefer to have our staff provide the programming so they have a chance to interact with their group. Others choose to provide their own spiritual content and have our staff come alongside and support them. With either option we will fully support you as the leader.

We value good communication and strive to ensure your trip runs smoothly and you are not taken by surprise. Please feel free to contact us at any time if you have any questions or concerns.