Category: Meet our Guides: 2015

Jul 8 2015

Meet Our Guides: Kendra Wildenburg

Kendra Wildenberg has joined us for her first summer with JQ! We are excited for the enthusiasm she has brought and will bring to the team. She is from Morrison, Colorado, but has been living in Grand Junction where she just finished her junior year in the Nursing program at Colorado Mesa University. » More Info «

May 27 2015

Meet Our Guides: Clay McCombe

“Howdy!” This will be Clay McCombe’s inaugural summer with JQ, and he couldn’t be more stoked to join the family here at JQ! Clay grew up in southern Colorado Springs and is a junior at Colorado Mesa University studying psychology and criminal justice. His main digs include: slanging » More Info «

May 27 2015

Meet Our Guides: Josh Kerby

Josh Kerby is originally from San Diego. However, his family moved to Colorado Springs when he was a year old, thus he considers himself from Colorado. This semester he received 2 certifications from Pikes Peak Community College; they are Mountain Field Studies » More Info «

May 12 2015

Meet Our Guides: Brittany Wilson

We welcome Brittany Wilson to her 1st summer with Journey Quest. Growing up in the middle of the forest in Divide Colorado, it was only natural for her to continue to love to the things she grew up doing. Such as backpacking, hiking, » More Info «

May 11 2015

Meet Our Guides: McKenzie Gregory

McKenzie Gregory is coming back for round 2 this summer! Boom! She is from Littleton, Colorado – some people call it little fun; but grew up in Green Mountain where she would play outside all day long. Growing up outside » More Info «

May 8 2015

Meet our Guides: Elise Soniat

Elise Soniat is from Pagosa Springs, Colorado, but is currently living in Grand Junction attending Colorado Mesa University. She is pursuing a degree in Exercise Science with plans of going into » More Info «

May 5 2015

Meet our Guides: Ryan Schoephoerster

Ryan Schoephoerster grew up in Colorado Springs. He currently lives in Grand Junction where he works at a climbing shop there in town. Being outdoors is his life; when he is not working, you will find him climbing some awesome rocks, whether it is a long route or » More Info «

May 5 2015

Meet Our Guides: Hannah Walker

“Hi, I’m Hannah”. Hannah Walker has come aboard for her first summer with Journey Quest (JQ). She is from Littleton Colorado, where during the school year she is a mermaid at the » More Info «