Category: Staff News

Feb 20 2017

Meet Our Guides: Sandra DalBello

Sandra DalBello is from Houston, Texas. Currently, she is a junior at Texas A&M University where she is studying Industrial Distribution Engineering. Outside of class, Sandra is on crew at A&M and loves practicing with the team and traveling to compete. When she’s not busy studying or rowing, Sandra enjoys participating in other sports, running, and backpacking. Also, she loves spending time with her friends and family, listening to audiobooks, cooking, and walking her dog, Louie. » More Info «

Feb 14 2017

Meet Our Guides: Ryan Schoephoerster

Ryan Schoephoerster will be joining Journey Quest for his 5th summer. He hails from the star-system of Colorado Springs, CO. He was brought up in the ways of both the light and the dark side of the force. Although, he is not the “chosen one,” he brings a slight balance to the force. He now continues to expand his knowledge of the force (Physical Education) at Colorado Mesa University. Occupationally, Ryan is currently working at a tutoring center where he trains young Padawan learners in the ways of the force (i.e. math and reading). » More Info «

Jan 31 2017

Meet Our Guides: Elise Soniat

Elise Soniat (soon to be Schoephoerster!) is from Pagosa Springs, Colorado. She recently graduated from Colorado Mesa University with a degree in Exercise Science with plans to go into Physical Therapy. When Elise isn’t keeping people caffeinated (aka working as a barista) she likes to play outside either in the water (it can be the river, ocean or lake…she loves them all!) or in the mountains. She’s also a huge fan of snowboarding, volleyball and ultimate frisbee. Elise is addicted to hot tea and enjoys photography as her favorite “non-outdoor” activity. » More Info «

Mar 11 2016

Meet Our Guides: Nate Bazil

Nate Bazil proudly hails from Tyler, Texas, where he has lived his entire life. He would argue that (minus the heat) it is as close to paradise as you can get. Currently, Nate is attending Tyler Junior College, a local community college. He is pursuing a degree in civil engineering and hopes to graduate with his associates’ degree next Spring. After graduating, he hopes to earn a bachelors’ degree in the same field. When he is not busy with school, Nate enjoys soccer, ultimate Frisbee, board games, skiing (not in Texas), and any other outdoor activity. Nate also loves to pass the time simply hanging out with friends. » More Info «

Mar 11 2016

Meet Our Guides: Cori Ward

Cori Ward lives in the magical land of Grand Junction and proudly calls Western Colorado her home. She graduated from Colorado Mesa University with a Secondary Teaching Degree, majoring in the studies of history and politics. Cori is currently working toward her masters in Theology, too. Her passions include rafting, rarely showering, and sleeping under the stars. Additionally, Cori is on staff with Young Life in Grand Junction. Cori’s dream day would include going wild in the outdoors with her Young Life high schoolers, sipping a warm cup of joe, and seeing the Great Barrier Reef. Cori says, “If I could have one wish, it would totally be to have Starburst Jelly Beans come out of my belly button for the rest of my life.” » More Info «

Mar 11 2016

Meet Our Guides: Katie Groshong

Katie Groshong is from Gardner Kansas. She is currently a sophomore at MidAmerica Nazarene University and is working toward a degree in Elementary Education. She can’t wait to have her very own classroom someday! She is planning on completing her Student Teaching in Costa Rica and would love to teach English in a different country eventually. Outside of work and school Katie loves to hammock, be outside, paint, draw, and play with her bunny named Teddy. » More Info «

Feb 21 2016

Meet Our Guides: Hannah Sleight

Hannah Sleight (aka. Sly) calls the beautiful state of Maine home. She grew up skiing (downhill and cross-country), hiking, camping, swimming, unicycling, and playing soccer. Over the past couple of years, Hannah has discovered the joys of rock climbing, slack lining, and Ultimate Frisbee. She also loves to sing and make music. Hannah was homeschooled K-12 and is currently finishing her freshman year at Geneva College, where she studies business and Spanish and plays soccer. » More Info «

Feb 18 2016

Meet Our Guides: Hannah Walker

Hannah Walker was raised in Littleton, Colorado (aka. “Littlefun”). She is currently dually enrolled at Metropolitan State University and Arapahoe Community College pursuing her Bachelors’ degree in Nursing. Hannah has been fortunate enough to perform underwater shows as a mermaid at the Denver Aquarium teaching people the importance of recycling and water conservation. She also works as a CNA for adults with special needs. When Hannah isn’t working or studying, you can find her shredding the snowy mountains with her friends, playing with her pet rabbit (Jason), traveling, back packing, rock climbing, rafting, and practicing yoga. » More Info «

Feb 8 2016

Meet Our Guides: Anna Hoffman

Anna Hoffman considers herself a Chattanoogan, but has lived the first half of her life in Kansas where she learned to love wide open spaces. The second half of her life has been spent in Chattanooga, Tennessee where he has found her love of mountains and rivers. In May 2016 she will graduate from Trevecca Nazarene University in the heart of Nashville, TN. Anna will graduate with a degree in Exercise Science and a concentration in Pre-Physical Therapy. She plays soccer and runs track at Trevecca, and she loves it! When Anna isn’t playing soccer or running, she enjoys playing other sports, hiking, backpacking, and camping. She also loves reading and spending time with family and friends, and eating good food. » More Info «

Feb 4 2016

Meet Our Guides: Ryan Shep

Ryan Schoephoerster (a.k.a. Shep) is hails from northern Colorado Springs. Since his high school graduation in 2013, he has lived and explored throughout Colorado. He currently lives and works in Grand Junction, Colorado where he is attending Colorado Mesa University and studying Physical Education. When he’s not up late hitting the books, Ryan likes to climb up rocks, ski down mountains, and play sports. He says, “Basically anything that is outside gets me stoked!” More than all of this, however, Ryan loves the things that God has taught him through the outdoors and his creation. » More Info «