Nicole Harris

As we near the beginning of our 2018 season, we’re excited to introduce you to the guides who are ready to serve your family or your group this summer!

Nicole Harris is very excited to be joining the Journey Quest family for her second summer! She hails from Boulder County Colorado, but will be finishing up her nursing degree in Washington State this May. She can’t wait to start her nursing career after this summer. She hopes to work in the Emergency Department and pursue medical missions in the future. When she’s not busy hittin’ the books, Nicole loves to explore outside, play volleyball, organize anything and everything, take long runs, experiment with new recipes, and go on road trips.

Last summer, she learned a whole lot about grace and how God will use even her imperfections for his kingdom. She says, “Journey Quest is a place where everyone has a home and feels like they belong. It’s awesome to grow with each other in faith – both our staff and our visitors!” She is stoked to be back in beautiful Colorado, share life with sweet people and hit some gnarly rapids (especially on the GOAT boat).

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