Molly Nesbitt

As we near the beginning of our 2018 season, we’re excited to introduce you to the guides who are ready to serve your family or your group this summer!

Molly Nesbitt proudly hails from Boise, Idaho and is all sorts of excited to be returning south for the summer season as a second-year guide. She is currently in her final year of college, studying Secondary English and Spanish Education, and hoping to tack on an ESL certificate as well. She has all kinds of dreams for how she wants to move forward after graduation (December 2018 countdown has already been initiated) but is especially drawn toward the refugee community in Boise. She says, “I read somewhere recently that we need to pay attention to our tears, and I couldn’t agree more. Our hearts break for heavenly reasons, and I think we need to wade through our tears and walk toward their source.” She’s hoping her degree will allow her to enter into some of those broken spaces. In her free time, Molly loves to gather family and friends, run Idaho’s trails, string words together, drink wine, and fresh pow, and fresh air, talk about the real-life human stuff and paint the wonder in her imagination. She’s always down for a good laugh, a good cup of coffee, and of course—a trip down the Ark!!!

Last summer was a rich and profound season of growth for Molly and she is so anxious for more—whatever “more” God has in store for this new season. “There’s just something about the river,” she says, “that makes you take a look inside at all the stuff you can avoid looking at in the day-to-days of the rest of the year. It is both profoundly healing and ridiculously exhilarating—I am itching to be back for round two!” She looks forward to another season of sweet, long days on the river, on the rock, on the trails with some of her favorite humans, and to sharing this magical landscape with all of our guests!

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