Margaret Sims

As we near the beginning of our 2018 season, we’re excited to introduce you to the guides who are ready to serve your family or your group this summer!

Margaret Sims will be joining us for her third summer with Journey Quest, working primarily as your Office Guide—there to help you navigate the reservation process, check-in, and buying T-shirts! (She does enjoy getting out to help with the occasional river trip or alpine hike when time allows too!) Margaret is a recent transplant to Colorado. She hails from the great city of Minneapolis, Minnesota, where she was born and raised. She studied language and teaching and worked at a language immersion school before relocating out West. She now has a CO substitute teaching certificate and also works retail in a nearby town. When she’s not working, Margaret loves to play outside—hiking, rock climbing, inflatable kayaking, wilderness trips, almost anything outdoors—and she’s learning backcountry and alpine skiing. She also enjoys languages, animals, cooking, baking, music, and singing.

Margaret is so, so thankful for the community God has given her through Journey Quest. She looks forward to seeing Him touch lives and hearts in the greater community around her, both in rafting season and the off-season. She is also really looking forward to the rebirth of the awesome nut-show that is our precious, weird, Jesus-loving staff this summer!

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