David White

As we near the beginning of our 2018 season, we’re excited to introduce you to the guides who are ready to serve your family or your group this summer!

David White is joining us for his second summer. He decided to have a little creativity and write his staff profile to the tune of The Fresh Prince

Now this is the story all about how my raft got flipped, turned upside down
And I’d like to take a minute, just sit right there
I’ll tell you how I found the King on the heavenly chair.

In Western Washington born and raised
In the mountains where I spent most of my days
Traveling, hiking, rafting and flipping, and praying in the woods
When a guy named Jesus, was up to some good
Started saving souls in my neighborhood.
Traveling the world and my mom got scared, She said, “For two summers you’re guiding with Journey Quest, so get prepared.”

I’ll be guiding in Colorado, what can I say,
So I packed up my truck and set out that day,
God gave me a blessin’ and showed me the way.

Strengthen my heart, “and help me preach the work of your art!”
First class raftin’, yo I aint got no remorse
Drinking the Arkansas straight outta the source,
Is this what the people of Colorado livin’ like?
Hmm this just might be alright!

I whistled for the crew and when they came close, their hearts said ‘Jesus,’ they love him the most.
If anything I could say that this place was rare
And I knew this was it, shoot up a prayer!

I pulled up to Journey Quest uninvited but there
And I yelled to the boss “Yo, JQ, gimme a chance!”
Looked at my home, happy to have this happenstance,
To sit on my raft and share Jesus at last.

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