Oct 11 2011

Journey Quest Logo Ideas

Here are some Journey Quest Logo Ideas…Comment Below to vote on your favorite!

Concept 1:

Concept 2 (Currently in the header):

Concept 2a – Note the Smoother Text, but still looks hand-drawn:

Concept 3 – Still Using the Smoother Hand-Drawn Lithos Text:

Concept 5 – Still Using the Smoother Hand-Drawn Lithos Type:


  1. Elise Holmstrom says:

    I like 2a and 5. I like the colors in 5, but I think the better logo is 2a. Personally I would stay away from the really rippled text in 1 and 2.
    Love the creativity Steve!

  2. Elise Soniat says:

    I really like concept 2a. When you’re looking at it small it’s easier to read the smooth text.

  3. Todd Davidson says:

    I like concepts 2a and 5 the best by far. I definitely think you should go with the smoother text.

  4. Zac Smalley says:

    Concept 1 or concept 5 🙂

    God bless you guys!

  5. Donna Jackson says:

    Hey Steve,

    I like concept 3 the best, then concept 2a. In terms of branding, concept 3 gives a clear indication what the ministry about, with the stream and paddle. A good brand tells the consumer what the product is about without words.

    Would it be possible to add a small paddle to 2a?

    I also agree that smooth text is easier to read.


  6. Jeremy Grant says:

    Hey all,
    Jeremy Grant here – I’m currently in charge of the graphics for Vessels For Honor Rafting.
    Since we’re talking about working together – I was asked to weigh in with my thoughts.

    I would vote for 2A.
    I would also suggest opening up the space inside the letters in “Quest” (making them go to white- so there isn’t overlap of the mountains).
    Whether you move the mountains up, or just make the inside of the letters white, it will be more legible, especially when small.

    OR option 3
    (minus the paddle)
    having the mark in a clean containment shape will be nice for other applications (t-shirts, buttons, stickers, gear)

    Why minus the paddle?
    If you’re looking to keep the VFH brand (as a kind of sub-brand, or partner brand, to Journey Quest) then I would stay away from using a paddle in the JQ mark. Having two different paddles will not only be redundant, but if they’re not the same exact shape it could even create distance between the two marks. (The question could arise: are they two different rafting companies?)

    It could create a bit of a system to have the Journey Quest mark be the “parent brand” – a more general outdoors mark, and VFH be the “child” or “sub brand” and be specific to rafting (having a paddle).

    Those are my thoughts,
    I’m excited to see where you guys go, it sounds like a cool program!

  7. Becky Dawson says:

    I prefer Option 5 and then Option 2a as a second. I too prefer the smooth text. The color options are wonderful except for the forest green. Consider playing with other variations.

  8. Put me down for the second to the last and the first XL tshirt of the press, I am now its my turn to come and see you. Put me on the river…

  9. Steve N. says:

    Thanks everyone for your comments! We’ve decided on option 5, but getting rid of the forest green like Becky suggested. You can see it now on the header of this site.

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